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Spitz Brain Health Innovation Pilot Grants Available

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The UH Neurological Institute and the Case Brain Health Collaborative Executive Committee are seeking applications for annual pilot grant awards not to exceed 50K per year. Projects will be selected by the Executive Committee of the Case Brain Health Collaborative, which is chaired by the Chairman of the Department of Neurology UH Neurological Institute.

The awards will be made through the Spitz Brain Health Innovation Fund. Awardees will be designated as Spitz Scholars. Spitz scholars must submit an annual report to the Executive Committee.

The Spitz Brain Health Innovation Fund will support initiatives and research to help advance the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders related to memory, executive function and cognition.  Innovative and collaborative initiatives promoting brain health, broadly defined as the understanding and preservation of cognitive functioning in humans, will be prioritized. It is the desire of Mr. and Mrs. Spitz that future generations will benefit from the funding provided by the Spitz Brain Health Innovation Fund and the work done by the Spitz Scholars.  

Deadline for submitting your application was December 17, 2011.

Submission Details

  1. Projects must demonstrate relevance to human health, especially memory function, executive function and cognition in health or disease. Projects related to neurodegenerative disorders affecting memory and cognition including but not limited to minimal cognitive impairment (MCI), Alzheimer Disease and Parkinson Disease will be prioritized.  Projects related to vascular dementia, stroke, traumatic brain injury will also be considered. In addition, innovative projects related to memory preservation, memory therapeutics, memory wellness learning and brain healthcare delivery will be prioritized.  Projects related to memory and executive function in normal humans are welcome if the potential relevance to human disease is demonstrated.  Both clinical and translational pilot projects will be considered. 
  2. Applications will support pilot studies designed to develop preliminary data which will support a subsequent external grant application. 
  3. The Principal Investigator must be a faculty member in good standing of University Hospitals Case Medical Center or Case Western Reserve University. Applications will be considered based on scientific merit, innovation and impact on human health regardless of the academic rank of the PI. Only one award will be given per individual PI. However, proposals may have one or more co-PIs if a leadership plan justification is provided which demonstrates how one or more co-PIs will enhance multidisciplinary collaboration related to the  Spitz proposal.  There is no limit on projects listing an individual as a co-investigator although preference will be given to projects demonstrating thematic linkage related to brain health.
  4. Applications involving collaboration between different departments and schools at Case Western Reserve University will be prioritized.
  5. Applications should contain the following:
    a.      CV and current contact information of the Principal Investigator
    b.      Project summary/abstract– 30 lines maximum self-contained description of the project which includes a statement of objectives and methods to be employed
    c.      Facilities & Resources – Identify and describe facilities to be used
    d.      Background & Study Aims – one page
    e.      Significance & Innovation for human health related to memory, executive function or cognition – one page
    f.        Methods and Statistical Design – one page
    g.      Letters of Support  –from senior advisor(s)/mentor(s), Department Chairman if applicable
    h.      Leadership plan justification for projects containing one or more Co-Principal Investigators
    i.         Statement of proposal linkage for investigators involved in more than one submission either as Co-PI or Co-Investigator.
    j.         Budget – one page. Restrictions include:
    No funds will be provided for secretarial personnel; office equipment and supplies; tuition; travel; purchasing and binding of periodicals and books; dues and membership fees in scientific societies; honoraria and travel expenses for visiting lectures; recruiting and relocation expenses; office and laboratory furniture; rental of office or laboratory space; per diem charges for hospital beds; nonmedical or personnel services to patients; construction or building maintenance or major alterations. 

Additional Information

  1. The grant period lasts for 12 months from the time of the award.
  2. Carryover of funds is allowed contingent on PI providing a satisfactory progress report to the Executive Committee.
  3. Projects will be administered through the Department of Neurology, UH Neurological Institute and UH Case Medical Center with cross-charge accounting with CWRU as appropriate. Indirect fees will be waived for Spitz awards. Prior IRB approval is not required prior to submission but must be obtained in compliance with research regulatory requirements and documented with the Executive Committee prior to award implementation. Animal research must also receive IAUCUC approval prior to award implementation.
  4. applications should be submitted online to : .
  5. Application deadline: December 17, 2011.
  6. Maximum awards year one: 6.
  7. Awards will be announced in January 2012 

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