Nutrition for Healthy Living

UH OptiWeight Blogger Meghann Featherstun, MS, RD, LD

Getting Lean with Protein
October 23rd, 2012

We know that a little extra healthy protein helps us lose weight and hang on to as much lean muscle mass as we can while losing weight.

Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

Cutting the Sugar in Your Diet
November 13th, 2012

Hopefully, you’ve been checking your labels this past week for grams of sugar in the foods you normally consume. Be sure to use fast food/restaurant websites for foods without labels, as these foods are not immune to stealth sugar either!

UH OptiWeight Blogger Meghann Featherstun, MS, RD, LD

The Skinny on Fats
November 20th, 2012

We often harp on the fact that we need to eliminate trans fat and minimize saturated fat in our diets.

UH OptiWeight Blogger Meghann Featherstun, MS, RD, LD

Produce Pretenders
April 2nd, 2013

Are you getting your daily fruits and veggies? Half your plate at lunch and dinner should be fruits and veggies. More specifically, aim for around 4 ½ cups each day.

UH OptiWeight Blogger Meghann Featherstun, MS, RD, LD

Protein Intake
January 29th, 2013

Are you eating enough protein? Or are you eating too much protein?

Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

Making Healthier Choices Everyday: Why it Matters
May 7th, 2013

What do brown apple slices, rusty nails, tarnished silver and cells in your body all have in common?

Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

Healthy Summer Grilling
May 29th, 2013

Memorial Day typically signifies the beginning of the summer season which means backyard barbeques, family picnics, and firing up the grill for quick and easy dinners.

Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

Can Bacteria Help You Lose Weight?
July 30th, 2013

Do you know someone who can eat large amounts of food, usually the unhealthy kinds, and still manage to stay thin?

UH OptiWeight Blogger Meghann Featherstun, MS, RD, LD

How-to-Guide: Build a Better Salad
August 20th, 2013

Trying to lose weight? Eat a salad. This is fairly conventional ‘weight loss’ wisdom from many new health conscious individuals.

Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

National Nutrition Month
March 11, 2014

One of my favorite things about changing the calendar over from February to March (besides the fact that spring is around the corner) is that March is National Nutrition Month!

Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

It’s Spring! “Lighten” Up Your Kitchen for a Lighter You!
May 14, 2014

When the weather finally warms up here in NE Ohio, we are more than ready to switch out our parkas and boots for shorts and sandals.

Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

Grilling is Healthy – Right?
July 25, 2014

We all have learned that grilling is a heart-healthy method of cooking (along with broiling, baking, roasting, microwaving, steaming and stir-frying), and with diseases of the heart still the leading cause of death (597,689 lives lost in 2010) among Americans (CDC); we do, indeed, need to continue to utilize these lower fat cooking methods.

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