Sandy Helped Push Me off the Weight-Loss Wagon

UH OptiWeight Blogger Lynn Eastep

Lynn Eastep

November 15th, 2012

I have a confession to make. I totally stumbled on my weight-loss journey.

As we all experienced this past week, Sandy’s blustery winds came blasting through Northeastern Ohio. Our neighborhood was flooding, we had no power, no internet access, and my smartphone was dead. What did I do? I turned to junk food in a time of stress.

Immediately, I felt guilty. I was tempted to continue binge eating because I had the feeling of "What's the use?"

Fortunately (because I was sitting in the dark and had time to think), I came to my senses. I reminded myself that losing weight is a process, so falling on and off the weight-loss wagon is to be expected. My ability to succeed will be measured by my determination and focus, as well as my ability to learn from my "mistakes."

Our power is expected to be out for a full week, so I’ve got to take each day as it comes. Wherever I am, from this point forward, it can become better or worse. It’s up to me.

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