Looking in the Mirror

UH OptiWeight Blogger Lynn Eastep

Lynn Eastep

October 24th, 2012

When I look in the mirror, I’ve been trying to convince myself that my body is struggling to hold on to fat for survival purposes. Somehow, that argument is becoming increasingly flimsy.

“Irrational me” wants to lose weight and lose it NOW. “Rational me” says that I didn’t gain this weight overnight (although sometimes it feels like it happened that way). I know, I know - baby steps.

To shed these 50+ pounds that I have accumulated over the years, I’ve signed up for yet another diet plan. This time, I’ve committed to a weight loss plan that’s being offered through UH called OptiWeight. I’m nervous because I don’t want to fail, particularly because I’m doing the plan with my co-workers.

So, what can I do first? Well, they’ve asked us to write down all of our food that we eat over the course of a day. This is going to be interesting, because I totally do a lot of mindless eating. For example, I’ll buy a bag of M&Ms to eat while I’m working and before I realize it, the bag is empty. I’ve got to start logging my food – even though in some instances it may be embarrassing (who wants to admit that they ate an ENTIRE BAG of potato chips???). Perhaps this may help me become more accountable. We shall see.

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