Kicking off OptiWeight 2013

Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

January 18th, 2013

We are off to a great start with our OptiWeight I program and we’ll kick off OptiWeight II later this week!

It is wonderful to see the excitement as we embark on the journey to a healthier lifestyle! Most of you have set up your My Fitness Pal profile and are logging your food each day. Don’t forget to log activity too – you’ll see your calorie intake allowance rise accordingly.

What I found most amazing after just one week is the communication and sharing among members at each facility. What great ideas each person has for inspiring others along on their journey. This is really a pleasure to see and oftentimes I learn things too! I guess this proves that what the studies say is true – support is important! Through active conversation, we come to realize our struggles are often the same as our coworkers. There is usually someone else who can share how they tackled that same hurdle and provide us with the boost we need to move forward or try something different. Studies also show stress levels are lower in those that attend group weight management programs – all the more incentive not to miss a single session! Anything that lessens stress and helps us progress forward in the lifestyle change process is more than welcome in my book!

I am thrilled to be working with all of you and thank you for an inspiring and fun first week. Keep logging in My Fitness Pal, check out the activity trackers we will discuss this week and be sure to attend your sessions to reap all rewards of this awesome program.

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