Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

Joyce Kavaras, RD, LD

March 12th, 2013

“I’m frustrated! I’ve been working out, drinking water, eating healthier and the scale barely budges!” Does that sound familiar to you?

We are more than two-thirds of the way through the UH OptiWeight program, and I have been hearing the above statement or one similar for the past several weeks – hence an instant topic for this week’s blog!

I hear the frustration for several different reasons on weigh-in day. Some are upset with losing one-half pound to one pound per week. Some are upset because the scale shows no loss for the week. And some may even experience a slight gain in one week. All need to recognize that lifestyle change is a process – and a slow one at that! It requires patience and diligence – quite the opposite of what you may have experienced on some of the fad diets you’ve tried in the past. We know where those got you – back to your old weight – plus more! So we must accept reality and not expect the pounds to melt away magically or quickly.

Here’s how to readjust your thinking:

  1. Be realistic. Losing one-half pound to two pounds per week equals SUCCESS and is right in line with the National Institutes of Health clinical guidelines for weight loss! Americans think BIG. One study found that most overweight people set a goal to lose one-third of their body weight – three times more than what is needed to improve their health on a significant level! It’s not just the portions that are unrealistic! Leave the “BIG” thinking and portions behind and watch yourself gradually get smaller.
  2. Check out how you feel. Are you feeling healthier? Are your clothes looser? Are you finding it easier to unload the groceries? Climb the steps? All of this equals progress in my book!
  3. If the scale seems “stuck,” it’s time to either step up the intensity of exercise, add more resistance training and/or get out the measuring cups and spoons! Continue logging all food and activity. It is worth the effort and keeps it real.
  4. Celebrate small successes. Too often people say, “I only lost one pound? I’ve been working so hard!” Just remember, slow and steady wins the race. You’ll begin to get your new habits established to where they become automatic. Then your whole thinking changes and doing the healthy thing becomes a no-brainer! Before you know it, you can fit into that outfit you haven’t worn in years, and you are down 5-10 pounds!

In conclusion, stay with it! Thinking and doing things differently, adjusting to the aches and pains of new exercise routines and planning ahead for healthier eating all take practice and time. You will have setbacks because after all, nobody’s perfect! Keep going forward and focus on the good things you do each day for your health, rather than the number on the scale. Ask yourself daily, “What can I do today to take good care of me?” As the old L’Oreal commercial used to say – “I’m beautiful and I’m worth it!”

Questions? Comments? Share your thoughts here.

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